Here to stay

We build with focus on foresight and durability.

About Our Company

Balkan Build began as a local interior construction services provider, which continued to expand and establish its influence with larger works. Today we count hundreds of successfully completed projects that have made us a reliable and trustworthy partner. The determination to achieve greatness and always deliver the highest quality made us notable, thus we continued increasing our workforce together with the capabilities and the expertise to become involved in major projects in the city and nationwide. 

We founded Balkan Build Ltd with the intent to withstand the modernisation and development of the construction industry. The company has progressed through the years and has grown continuously, while always being abreast with the advancements and latest industry trends.

Today we are notably larger, we are engaged in a variety of great projects and are constantly developing. What remains unaltered is our dedication to provide superlative services and attain exemplary results. There is no challenge that can deviate our path towards perfection. Balkan Build is an essential solution to even the most complex projects.